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Swagbucks update!

After about a month of regular Swagbucks site use, I just used my Amazon gift cards to buy a wet/dry bag, for FREE!!!  (Be sure your eligible items total at least $25 to get Amazon’s free shipping too!!!)

It’s the “Circuit” print of the Planet Wise wet/dry bag.  It has two zippered pockets (one for wet stuff, one for dry stuff) and a handle!!!

I’m planning to buy all my wet bags, some cloth wipes, and my Country Save detergent using this method!

You can’t beat FREE cloth diapering accessories, with FREE shipping can you?

If your items don’t quite total $25, someone else noted somewhere (on a blog probably, sorry, I can’t remember who to give the credit to!) that you can search for poetry book compilations (there’s one called something like the 100 best poems I think) and they’re a little over a dollar, so they can help you reach that magic $25!!!

Want to get your free stuff?  PLEASE copy/paste this link:

to register for Swagbucks today!!!  (You can start earning swagbucks, and you’ll help me get more swagbucks too!!!)

I mostly do the web search, daily poll, and lots of surveys to rack up my points!!!

Please share your comments/questions below!!!  Thanks for reading!!!

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