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Using Swagbucks to get free diaper stuff!!!

So I happened upon Swagbucks the other day, while surfing for Planet Wise wet bag reviews…

This Mom had posted (sorry, I don’t remember her site right now) about how she used Swagbucks to buy a few little diaper extras each month, including wet bags, detergent, and prefolds!!!

Like the good “it’s got to good to be true” skeptic that I am, I naturally googled for reviews on the Swagbucks site, and surprisingly they seemed pretty legit.  You have to put in more time to get more rewards it seemed, but that sounded normal for such a surfing/survey site.  I signed up easily yesterday morning, and by this evening I had enough points for a $5 Amazon gift card!!!  The eCard will show up in my Swagbucks account in 10-ish days!!!  Sounds pretty great to me!

You can do this repeatedly (up to 5 times per card type I’ve heard) throughout the month, and easily end up with $25 to spend on diapering stuff!!!

The catch – you do need to put in some time each day, how much depends on you.  You also have to qualify for surveys (if you choose to do those) and some may take up some of your time before they kick you out and say that you’re “disqualified.”  Beyond that, I haven’t run into any problems as of yet.  Granted, it’s only been two days, but I can see many Amazon $5 eCards in my future!!!

Also, one more word of caution, if you misuse the site, they are prone to canceling accounts.  Just make sure you don’t have a robot do your surveys or internet searches or surveys for you, and just be truthful and honest when answering questions or when web surfing.

If you want to sign up for Swagbucks, you can do it by clicking this link: , and I’ll get matching bucks for referring you!!!  Thank you!!!

Please feel free to post comments of your experiences below, or ask questions!!!

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