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FYI: Eclectic Definition and probably too much about me

The second definition of “eclectic” from is:

{composed of elements drawn from various sources}

I think that this sums up myself quite well.

If you are nosy and require more information, I…

was raised in a small town in the foothills of Colorado,

was susscepted to divorced parents who both remarried,

was a total over-achiever in high school,

attended 1, 2, 3, 4 different higher education institutions, in 4 different states (so far),

studied Biology, Microbiology, Political Science, International Development, Real Estate, and Radiography (in that order),

reverted to Islam in January of 2004,

married my awesome, loving, supportive Pakistani husband in 2006,

went for Hajj (the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca) in 2011,

am almost 30 and have yet to figure out what I am supposed to do with my life,

and finally, am using this blog to share my knowledge of cloth diapering, my ideas about parenting in this modern world, my ideas about a few other things in a totally up-beat way.

This will hopefully NOT be a forum to vent about my past or the paternal half of my immediate family (please let me know if I ever start to do this, and I thank God that my Mom and my in-laws are wonderful and certainly not blog-vent-worthy).

One response to “FYI: Eclectic Definition and probably too much about me

  1. tahira49 says:

    I am no longer a mommy “to be” but have been blessed by Allah with a little girl, who will be referred to as “A” in this blog. I am keeping the blog name still, for ease and because I like it 🙂

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