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Diapering a 1 year old “newborn”

My baby was in no way a micro preemie, but being born at just under 5 pounds did pose some challenges, but many benefits to cloth diapering!

At almost 12 months, she is JUST NOW unable to fit into her last newborn diaper.  I am sadly having to put away her Tots Bots Tiny Fits, and she weighs around 14 pounds.  They still fit in the waist, but the rise is getting a little short, so they’re starting to leave red marks around the top of her legs.

So, what has this meant to our stash for the first year?

She stayed in the hospital for the first 7 weeks of her life.  I was a first time parent and had never even seen anyone use a cloth diaper, and I was nervous enough about putting on a disposable diaper on such a tiny baby.  So, we used disposables in the hospital, then when she came home I learned how to use her cute and tiny little preemie prefolds, but we were still using disposables at night, with one change (so 2 per night).  I eventually got brave and started using double stuffed ALVA bamboo pocket diapers (one bamboo and one hemp insert) when they finally started to fit her little chicken legs.

Grovia covers fit from the start, even over those giant KL0’s, then I found bamboo alternatives (Imagine newborn fitteds).  Those were awesome but she outgrew the rise before the waist.  The Grovia covers started making her reflux problems worse at around 6 months, so we stopped using them.  They fit weird with our larger prefolds anyway.

Ahh….prefolds.  Those cute little flat clouds that we call Bummis preemie prefolds.  I loved them so much, but had to start using the next size up because she would out pee them, even with a small cotton doubler, and I couldn’t snappi them around her waist anymore.  I think that was around 6 months too.  Not bad at all, I got 4 months use out of those little prefolds (remember she was in the hospital for almost 2 months).

At 6 months, she was probably around 10 lbs, and the ALVAs and the next size up of prefolds (green edge, but bleached and “Chinese”) were working well.  Oh, I forgot about the Flip covers!!!!  I couldn’t believe it, but they started fitting at around 7.5 lbs!!!  I’ve been using them ever since!!!  She’s still on the tightest setting, at 14 lbs, but I’ve let out one of the rise snaps, and she’s almost ready for letting out the waist one snap.

The Itti Bitti Boos were a different story, and the only ones we got less use than expected.  I had to size up to a medium due to fit issues, probably at around 11 or 12 pounds.  I will be keeping the smalls for any future newborn, but I really wish they had fit longer.  At least they’ll be in good condition and have good resale value, right?

So, so sum up our awesome experience with cloth diapers thusfar, they CAN work for small babies, and I wholeheartedly recommend using them for newborns!!!  I’m even happier I got to use most of my newborn diapers for a longer period of time, they’re just so darn cute!!!  Get some of those tiny preemie prefolds and you’ll be good to go.  Before you know it, they’ll be fitting in their one size Flip covers!!!  I can’t recommend these two items enough!!!

If you’re just starting a stash for a new little one, here is my advise:

1) start with preemie or newborn prefolds

2) find a cover you like (everyone’s different, there’s aplix or snaps, one size or sized, PUL or TPU, even wool to consider)… try getting a few of several different brands/types because you don’t know what will fit your baby best anyway, then buy more of what you like!!!

3) buy bigger prefolds

4) buy some Flip covers

5) experiment with wool, fitteds, AIO, pockets, whatever you think you may like…now you’ll have an economical and reliable base stash of prefolds and covers AND you’ll have some cloth diapering experience under your belt!

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Current Diaper Stash as of 2/16/12

We are still TTC, but I have almost completed my cloth diaper stash.  I want it to last through at least two children, possibly 3, and I wanted a good variety without getting too complicated.  As first time parents, I wanted to keep washing and wearing the diapers simple, I wanted to stay away from the dreaded microfiber stink issues as much as possible, and I have a personal preference for the look and fit of a fitted diaper over a bulky all in one (AIO).  I have a variety of gently used and new diapers.  Here goes:

12 Gently Used Bummis Newborn Organic cotton prefolds

9 Gently Used Kissaluvs Size 0 fitteds

2 Gently Used Bummis Newborn Super Brite covers

2 New Bummis Newborn Super Lite covers

36 New Bleached Infant size prefolds

1 New Bummis Small Super Lite cover

5 Gently Used Osocozy Size 1 AIO (all in one)

2 New Itti Bitti Boo Small fitteds

23 Gently Used Premium prefolds

6 New Medium Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0

8 Gently Used Itti Bitti Tuttos

2 New Kawaii Goodnight Heavywetter OS (one size) pockets

1 Gently Used Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit OS

1 Grovia OS AI2 shell

4 New Grovia Wonder Wraps OS covers

10 Gently Used 6 layer cotton doublers

12 Planet Wise cloth wipes

ISA, it will not be overkill or too little for the number of kids we hope to have.

My goal is to spend about $1000 for EVERYTHING, EVER and that should get us through 2-3 kids.  I think that there is a misconception that if you buy 24 pocket diapers and use them birth to potty on one child, that they will be able to last you through your second child.  With using a mixture of sized and one size diapers, they will be in a bigger rotation, will wear less, and will last longer.

I have spent about $800 so far, have re-sold about $160 worth on Ebay, so that puts me at $640! 🙂 ?

My still to buy list includes: more sized covers, an airplane print Grovia shell, 8 more Swaddlebees (4 medium, 4 large), 2 more Tuttos, 4 more Boos (2 medium, 2 large), Country Save detergent, wet bags, more wipes, perhaps some wool dryer balls, and a partridge in a pear tree!!! 🙂

I will likely post a picture when my stash is “complete” (is a stash ever really complete?).

I already have enough drying racks, I plan on putting the soiled diapers in the wet bags (no pail), I don’t plan on having a diaper sprayer but will likely use a squirt bottle of some sort instead.  I don’t plan on having a changing table, but will likely use a changing mat wherever (floor, bed, etc.).  I plan on using just plain ol’ water with the wipes, or perhaps make my own solution in a squirt bottle if needed.  With this amount of diapers, I hope to do laundry every other day.

I don’t plan on doing EC, but I do plan on getting them used to the potty as soon as I think they are ready.  I will hate to see the cloth diapers go, but I want them to be trained as soon as possible.

I think that should be enough on my stash and my diapering philosophies for now.  I have completed roughly a 500 word essay blog, so I’ll let you get back to whatever you should be doing instead of reading my babbling.  Thanks for reading and please do feel free to post any cloth diaper stash advice/comments/warnings below!

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