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Helpful Definitions for this Blog

This post will be periodically updated to include words/phrases/ideas that will be commonly included in my blogs.  Please feel free to ask if you need any further clarification on anything :).


AIO/AI2/OS: all in one, all in two, and one size respectively.  AIO diapers will have a sewn in soaker and usually don’t have a pocket (like the Bumgenius newborn diaper).  AI2 diapers are “hybrids” that can use removable inserts and/or disposable inserts (like the Grovia shell systems).  OS diapers are supposed to fit babies starting at 8-10 pounds, all the way through potty training (like the Fuzzibunz Elite version).

TTC: trying to conceive

DD/DS/DH: these terms are used in cloth diapering blogs and mean “Dear Daughter,” “Dear Son,” and “Dear Husband,” respectively.

PF&C: prefolds and covers (prefolds are the “old school” type diaper made of a thicker layer of cotton in the middle, and are not waterproof so they require a waterproof cover)


ISA: An abbreviation for “Insha’Allah” which is translated as “God willing” or if Allah Wills (I think I’ll use this quite often)

God/Allah: I will likely use God and Allah interchangeably.  I would like you all to know that Muslims believe in the same omnipotent God, the God of Abraham (Ibraheem in Arabic), but we believe that Jesus was a prophet and do not associate him with God.

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