Modern Muslim Mommy (To Be)

Cloth Diapering, Parenting, & Randomness From an Eclectic Individual

Hello Blog World!

I am just starting out as a blogger (sp?) but have looked to many, many blogs for advice, reviews, and information.

I hope to be successful, but in what I don’t yet know, and that is indeed the story of my life!!!  My main focus is on child rearing; more specifically cloth diapering and accessories, parenting styles and discipline, clothing, nutrition, baby care and entertainment products, and lots & lots of advice from the blog-o-sphere!

Topics that may also be included (but are still parent relavant) will be referred to as the 7 Random R’s: religion, real estate, radiography/health care, retail, retreats, redecorating, and recipes!  I am by no means an expert in any of these (yet!) but am in some way involved in/interested in each.

I intend to make this an open space, free for commenting but harsh on insults of any kind!  Wish me luck and thanks for stopping by!

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