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I only stuff diapers at night

In the 9+ months we’ve been cloth diapering my daughter at home, I’ve realized I wouldn’t have my stash any other way, and that includes minimal stuffing!!!  Here’s what we use on a regular basis:

1) prefolds OR 4 layer bamboo inserts with Flip covers (prefolds are snappied or not, depending on my mood/likelihood of a #2 to appear in the diaper)

2) an occasional Itti Bitti Boo or Bumgenius New Elemental while we’re out and about

3) either Bummis Tots Bots Bamboozle fitteds OR a bamboo Alva diaper double stuffed with one bamboo insert and one hemp insert (I like the Thirsties better than the Babykicks Joey Bunz, but use both)

I LOVE my simple, straightforward routine that requires minimal stuffing (only one set of PM diapers) and virtually NO MICROFIBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh how I loathe you microfiber!!!!!!!!!  The only microfiber that exists in my stash is an inner layer in the Bamboozles.  That means I don’t have to touch it, feel it, or loathe it!!!!

Sorry for the rant on microfiber, can you tell I dislike it strongly?!!!

Just for fun, here are brands that I’ve tried and don’t currently use:

Grovia shells: They’re awesome for newborns, but started to make her reflux worse at around 6 months, so we’re saving them for a future baby.  I think the aplix closure is awesome, but was too rigid on her little tummy…the soakers also didn’t impress me, they didn’t absorb like I thought they should, so we just used her tiny preemie prefolds, perfect!  (I do LOVE their biosoakers, which are biodegradable disposable inserts.  They’re awesome for road trips!!!  But please do remember to still put poo where it belongs, in the toilet rather than in the garbage…just shake off the insert before you throw it out.)

Grovia Kiwi Pie fitteds:  I loved the prints, the fit was ok, but again the absorbency was less than expected.  I bought them used, so they were well prepped, I guess they just can’t beat my Itti Bitti Boo fitteds!!!!

Itti Bitti Tuttos: So minky soft & trim, I loved the fit of these and the gorgeous colors, but no matter what I did, even with different inserts and just using the outer as a cover, they leaked every time I used them.  Total bummer, but away they go…  My stash doesn’t have room for under-performers!

Sustainablebabyish Multi Snapless Fitteds: So cuddly-soft!!!!!!!!!!  I had some mini versions too, and they were adorable, fit like a dream, even the one size fitteds could fit on my tiny baby…But for some reason they were giving her a rash.  I think the terry fiber ended up holding in the heat…that’s the only thing I can think of…I tried alternating detergents, but that didn’t help.  I was so sad and wanted to love these, but I can’t keep diapers around that are too hot for my baby bum!!!!  Maybe if we lived in a cooler climate, instead of lovely, warm Florida?

Applecheeks: The covers are ruffley-cute, and the bamboo inserts are functional for both cover sizes (did I mention I LOVE bamboo), but my LO gets a heat rash very easily, and these just tend to hold in heat I guess…I can use the cover with a bamboo insert just laid in, but I don’t find that I use it in that way.  It’s the last thing I ever reach for, and I usually just place the Applecheeks bamboo insert into my Flip covers instead.

Lil Joeys: These were the cutest, most functional AIO for a newborn that I could find.  Here’s my process of elimination for other newborn sized All in One diapers:

Bumgenius xs had weird aplix pieces at the back of the diaper as laundry tabs, and I couldn’t put them against my baby’s skin, and I heard that their absorbency was quickly outgrown;

FB xs is actually a pocket diaper, which had microfiber to deal with, so that was a definite NO!;

Swaddlebees newborn had a weird fit, but would likely fit longer…I figured my prefolds would function just as well for a comparatively minimal cost;

Tots Bots Tiny Fit in the new minky were too hot for my baby’s bum (but I LOVED the original bamboo ones, too bad I didn’t break down and buy/find them until my baby was around 10 lbs!!!!);

Grovia newborn just seemed to have a design flaw from the get go…that ruffled gather for the leg elastics always looks like it would just wick on to clothing to me;

And…did I miss any?

Back to the Lil Joeys…I got maybe 4 of them to try, 2 Tulip pink because I was having a girl, and some gender neutral colors for future planning.  I thought these would be perfect, they fit well, contained to poo, I actually never had a leak in them!!!  However, when I would wash them, I just didn’t feel like they were getting clean like my other diapers.  I guess too many layers all enclosed together is not my thing.  Give me flat prefolds and inserts that I know are getting clean!!!!

In the end, my newborn AIO recommendation is the Tots Bots Tiny Fit in the old bamboo/microfiber style, but I’ll write more about them in a later post!

Bummis Super Lite: These covers were PERFECT and I will miss them…I’ve sold them all, they were all newborn size.  I had read a review about them while I was still using them.  They had said that they tend to no longer be able to contain the pee as the baby grows, in other words, they’re outgrown in the capacity department.  I was like “That’s not true, my covers are perfect!”  I think it was about a week later when the same thing happened to me.  Right at the time she started outgrowing her preemie prefolds, the Super Lite covers stopped cutting it.  I’m not sure if it’s how the leg elastics are encased?  But they just started leaking every time…the PUL was intact…it was weird, but off they went to a new newborn family

I’ll probably do a series of separate posts later, chronicling my absolute favorite diapers!!!  What are your favorites and why?  I know every baby is different, what might not work for me might very well work for you!!!  Do you like to have all pockets (which require stuffing)?  Do you love microfiber?  Let me know!!!

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Cloth Diaper Stash Update!!! 4/13/12

So, I’ve made a few changes to my stash, and I wanted to give an update!!!

Though I’ve avoided microfiber like the plague, I recently got some Kissaluvs Marvels OS Fitteds, which have a bamboo/poly inner, and a microfiber soaker sewn in.  The bamboo is super, super soft and I’ll be sure to give an update as to the fitted’s performance when I actually have a 10 lb baby to try them on!!!  Please be sure to check out my post comparing one size fitteds, which includes this lovely diaper!!!


I’ve also added a BUNCH of flip covers.  I went COVER CRAZY :).  I think I’ve criticized their overall look/fit before, but I think I can be more careful and make it look neat.  I know that putting a diaper on a moving target can be a bit more tricky than doing it, say, on a stuffed teddy bear!!!  Kudos to these Moms who were able to make their Flips neat and tidy!!!:


I got/will get so many because they’re so cheap!!! 🙂  It looks like they have regular seconds sales on their website,  Go check it out!!!

So, without further ado, here’s the updated stash, as of TODAY, and what I plan to use to finish it out:


24 Gently Used Bummis Organic Prefolds

9 Gently Used Kissaluvs Size 0

2 New Bummis Super Lite Covers – Purple (I plan to get about 4 more purple)

2 Gently Used Bummis Super Brite Covers – green & orange


12 Gently Used GMD Yellow Edge Prefolds

36 New Bleached Chinese Prefolds

2 Gently Used Bummis Super Whisper Wraps – ladybug & city

1 New Bummis Super Lite – green

5 Gently Used Osocozy AIO – 2 white, 2 green, 1 blue


5 New Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 – 1 Dino, 1 Butterfly, 1 Swirls, 1 Bloom, 1 Monkey

1 Gently Used Bummis Super Lite – brown

23 Gently Used Premium Prefolds


9 Gently Used Itti Bitti Tuttos – 2 black, 1 navy, 1 royal, 1 jade, 1 fuchsia, 1 silver, 1 fleur, 1 retro (I plan to add 1 brown & 1 peppermint)

9 Flip covers – 2 white snap, 2 white aplix, 2 sweet aplix, 2 noodle aplix, 1 new albert snap (I plan to add 2 clementine, 2 rabbit, 1 blossom, 1 twilight)

2 New/Gently Used Grovia/Grobaby shells – wildflower (I plan to get more: 1 plane, 1 bicycle, 1 peacock)

2 New Kissaluvs Marvels Fitteds – 2 world (I plan to get 2 more in their owl print)

1 New Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter – brown dotty

1 New Ebay diaper – owl minky


1 New Planet Wise Wet/Dry bag – circuit

1 Gently Used Itti Bitti Luxury wet bag – fleur

10 New Planet Wise wipes – black/white (I plan to get lime/tangerine too)

10 Gently Used WAHM cotton doublers

2 Gently Used sets of sherpa doubler/preflat

Several Size 1 Snappis

(I plan to add several hemp inserts, CJ’s butter, Thirsties Diaper Lotion Potion, and some bigger wet bags, eventually)

I’ll do another post someday to give you all the totals, actual pictures of my stash, and a “final” stash (is there ever a true final stash, really?).

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to add comments below!!! 🙂


Cloth Diaper Giveaway Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Fitted – CLOSED


So, I just bought a bunch of these because I’m so excited and because they’re so soft and cute!!!

I’m passing on the cuteness to you, and if all goes well, I’ll give another away next month!!!

Please note that this is a fitted, so it will require you to use a COVER in order to be a waterproof system!

The winner will receive one Kissaluvs Marvels OS Fitted in the Safari print:

You can go to Kelly’s Closet, and click on the lefthand side where it says “Spring Clearance Sale!” for more details on this diaper:

Yea for you!!!! 🙂  I hope you win!!!

I’m not really on facebook or twitter for the purpose of cloth diapering (yet), so…


1) Use the button to the right to follow my blog via email.

2) Tell me in a comment below:

  • What is your favorite post from my blog (can be ANY, not just diaper related posts)?
  • Why do you deserve this fitted diaper?
  • Do you buy from Kelly’s Closet, and if so would you be willing to use and bookmark my link below?

No tweets required, just good ol’ fashioned honesty.  Seriously people, no made up BS here please!!!


This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada residents ONLY.

Only one entry per household please.

The giveaway will end on Monday, 4/30/2012 at 11:59 pm EST.  Any entries received after that will not be counted.

I will announce the winner here on Wednesday, 5/2/2012.

I will pick the winner according to their responses, and please remember there can be only one winner.

I will make my email public so you can contact me with your shipping details.  I will ship via the cheapest method possible, but I will try to provide tracking regardless.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Thank you very much for finding me, and I hope that you win!!!



I just wanted to post it here, since I didn’t think it would ever actually happen to me.  I always see all the other swaggers that have posted on facebook that they got 50 points for searching the net.  They mock me daily!!!  However, I guess since it had been a while since I had logged in, the system granted me 50 swagbucks!!!!  Yea!!!  Has anyone else been blessed with 50 or more points at a time???

Feel free to ask me how I get $5 Amazon gift cards for FREE using Swagbucks, and how I’ve:

  • Already received a Planet Wise Wet/Dry bag for FREE,
  • Planned to get a shipment of Country Save for FREE,
  • Planned to get all the Swaddlebees cloth wipes I want FOR FREE!!!
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Great Cloth Diaper Change April 21st 2012

Get involved people!!! 🙂 Get even more people aware of cloth diapering!!! Yea!!!

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How to Strip Your Cloth Diapers, REALLY!!!

Do you really know how to strip your cloth diapers?  Are you sure?  Do you have no clue at all? author Calley breaks it down for us here:

I’ve actually never seen such a concise, easy to understand description of all the different reasons and methods for stripping diapers!

I learned quite a bit, and now know what the best method will probably be for my diapers!  I now feel armed and ready to CD!!!

Thanks for this awesome post, you guys should check it out now!!! 🙂

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Amazing Review of One Size All In Ones (AIO): GroVia, BumGenius Elemental, Bottombumpers & Swaddlebees Simplex!!! Courtesy of Anna at Hot Clothed Buns!!!

If you bloggers/blog readers haven’t seen this yet, you should definitely check it out!!!!

This is an excellent, amazingly thorough review!!!  I haven’t even had enough time to read through all of it yet, but I wanted to be sure and post the link, so others can enjoy it!!!  She says she spends about 6-8 hours on a review, and I believe her!!!!  Here’s the link:

Thanks for posting this superb review Anna, and I’ll be sure to take a look at more of your reviews soon!!!


Fanny Face Off #1: One Size Bamboo Fitteds

Today’s contenders are:

Blueberry Bamboo One Size Fitted vs. Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Fitted


Disclaimer: I don’t own, nor have I ever seen/touched either of these in person.  I also do not have a baby yet (we’re still TTC), so I don’t have personal use experience of any diaper, yet.

I do own both Kissaluvs Size 0 newborn fitteds, have seen a Blueberry cover, and own Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0’s, so I am familiar with the quality of workmanship of both brands.  However, I wanted to compare both of these fitteds, specifically, since they appear to be so similar.  Both have a cotton print outer, a bamboo blend inner, both come in snaps, both are a one size option, and both are super cute!!!

Without further ado, here’s the battle breakdown:

Round 1 – Outer


This one is a tough call!  Both have fabulous 100% cotton prints that make me want to own one of each!  In fact I am calling it a DRAW, as I’m absolutely in love, love, love with both “Citron” from Blueberry and “World” from Kissaluvs.  I do like the cleaner look of the edges of the Blueberry, but with cotton prints, both are likely going to wear over time and the Kissaluvs seem almost designed for that factor, so it’s also a draw for edges.

Blueberry’s offerings:

Kissaluvs’ options:

World Dipsy - Dots Safari
Dipsy – Dots
Marvels Zoo Mocca Diaper Marvels Two Hoots
Zoo – Blue
Mocca – Swirl
Two – Hoots

Round 2 – Inner


Blueberry: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% organic cotton

Kissaluvs: 82% bamboo, 18% recycled polyester

This was another close call, but I have given the honor of this category title to BLUEBERRY.  Though the poly content of the Kissaluvs may provide some additional durability, and props to them for including recycled poly, I am on a mission to provide my baby with the most natural, breathable options available, so that is why I chose Blueberry.

Round 3 – Absorption

DRAW (for now)

 This round is very assumptive, since I have never used/tested either of these diapers and their own descriptions can be confusing and/or difficult to compare.  I’d expect better than average absorption from both, since they are a fitted.  The cotton outers should factor in the same for both.  As for the inners:

  • Blueberry boasts “2 inner layers of bamboo french terry, and another 6 layers for your soaker pad, giving you a total of 9 layers of absorbency” and,
  • Kissaluvs contends “[t]hree body layers and a micro fiber soaker provides absorbency even for the heaviest wetters.”

I think I get the Blueberry description (we’re getting a total of 9 layers of bamboo/cotton), but the Kissaluvs is a bit confusing (it seems that there are three layers of bamboo/poly and then a sewn-in soaker, but how many layers does that have?).  I could assume that the microfiber would be more absorbant, but I don’t know how many layers there are and how those layers would stack up to 9 of the bamboo/cotton.  So, without using and testing both on an actual baby, I can’t choose one or the other.  I hope to update this one day, when I have a baby and own both fitteds!!!  (Yea for CD research, right?!!!)

Round 4 – Durability


I’ll make this round simple.  The Kissaluvs have some poly content, and have outer edges that appear like they would deal well with wear (both actual use and from the dryer).

Round 5 – Dry Time


Again, this is assumptive, but I would assume the Blueberry would dry faster because they don’t have a sewn-in soaker.

Round 6 – Weight Range


Yea!  Another simple category!!!  I’ll just let the numbers speak for themselves:

Blueberry: 10-35 lbs

Kissaluvs: 10-40 lbs

Round 7 – Closure


This category will be judged on ease of use of closure.  One point to Kissaluvs for having only one row of snaps, instead of the Blueberry’s two.  One point to Kissaluvs for having crossover capabilities.  One point to Kissaluvs for needing no rise adjustment.  And finally one point to Blueberry for having no inward facing snaps (Kissaluvs do have inward facing snaps on the highest rise requirement).  So, the clear winner for this category is – Kissaluvs!

Round 8 – Sizing


 The clear favorite in this category as well is Kissaluvs.  They have provided their simple solution (that’s patent pending I believe) to sizing.  Instead of having the normal, gridded 3 or 4 step rise adjustment like the Blueberry has, the Kissaluvs have one row of alternating inner and outer facing snaps.  This allows you to fold down the rise as much as you want, for a completely CUSTOMIZABLE fit!!!  And since it’s a fitted, you don’t ever have to worry about wicking from the fold down, it’ll just have a cover over it anyway!!!  The alternating snaps were a negative for the closure category, but are a definite plus for this category!!!

Round 9 – Price


There can always be various sales and coupon codes applied to any diaper, depending on the website you use and even what day you are shopping.  I am using numbers from Kelly’s Closet, today.

Blueberry: $25.95

Kissaluvs: $20.25 (if you buy 2 or more, if not they’re $21.25)

Round 10 – Quality


I do have to give a slight advantage to Blueberry for quality because they appear to have superior craftsmanship.  Sorry Kissas!


Round 1 – Outer: Draw

Round 2 – Inner: Blueberry

Round 3 – Absorption: Draw

Round 4 – Durability: Kissaluvs

Round 5 – Dry Time: Blueberry

Round 6 – Weight Range: Kissaluvs

Round 7 – Closure: Kissaluvs

Round 8 – Sizing: Kissaluvs

Round 9 – Price: Kissaluvs

Round 10 – Quality: Blueberry


3:5, Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Fitted wins the first Fanny Face Off!

I am slightly surprised at the result, as I had no favorites going into this venture, and the two looked similar and were constructed from similar materials.  Please share your thoughts, comments, experiences below!!! I’d love to have input from actual CD (cloth diaper) users!!!!

I would suggest that if you’re looking for natural fibers, go with Blueberry.  If you’re not too particular about poly, then I’d say go with Kissas!

(But why not be like many of us, and just buy them both!!!) 🙂

P.S. For you grammar sticklers out there, I Googled both “face off” and “face-off” and one I decided to use was the verb to face off.  The noun “face-off” is the actual thing that takes place in a sporting event (like in hockey where someone is trying to get the puck at the start of the game). Instead, I decided that grammatically, these two diapers are doing a face off together (like politicians in a debate).


Swaddlebees Capri Covers

So YESTERDAY’S Kelly’s Closet Egg Hunt clue led us to the Swaddlebees Capri covers, and boy was I excited!!!

I’m not sure when they came out, and I hadn’t noticed them before, but I’ve been looking for some more covers, and I LOVE the Swaddlebees/Blueberry prints!!!!

I don’t own any yet, but am definitely going to buy some.  These are my favorite prints:


Has anyone used these?   Do you know how they hold up?  Do they fit well?  Aplix vs. Snaps?  Please feel free to comment!!!


Kelly’s Closet 1st Annual Egg Hunt!!! Right now!!! April 2-6 2012

I don’t celebrate Easter, but who doesn’t love a good egg hunt? 🙂

Right now, Kelly’s Closet is having an online egg hunt, where they give you two clues each day, and you have a chance to win up to a $25 gift certificate if you find every egg this week!!!

Simply go to their home page via my link at the bottom of the page, and click on the egg hunt in the lefthand toolbar for more details/rules.  They will post their clues on their blog and on facebook I think, so be sure to check it out and let me know how you did!!!

Happy hunting 🙂


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