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Before I forget, I will be posting soon about the “babymoon” we took in October 2012.

It was completely awesome!  I want to thank my husband for funding this (ad)venture and supporting my 5 month pregnant self throughout the journey.

We went to the UK, Scotland, France, and Switzerland!  It was a trip of a lifetime, and I do hope we can go again someday!

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10 Month Hiatus Update

Hello to anyone who is still following my blog!

I’m sorry I’ve been gone, and I’m sorry to those hoping to win the Kissaluvs fitted I had posted for a giveaway.  I’ve since had to sell it, but hopefully will have another giveaway soon to make up for it.  Here’s what’s been going on with me:

1) Got pregnant!

2) Delivered 5 weeks early.

3) Had a beautiful baby girl, who has been diagnosed with Pierre Robin Sequence and is fed mostly through a gtube currently.

4) Going strong with cloth diapering, with some disposables mixed in.

I will be making multiple posts (hopefully shortly) about the above events, and will continue to blog mostly about cloth diapering and the health of our beautiful baby “A.”

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