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How to Strip Your Cloth Diapers, REALLY!!!

Do you really know how to strip your cloth diapers?  Are you sure?  Do you have no clue at all? author Calley breaks it down for us here:

I’ve actually never seen such a concise, easy to understand description of all the different reasons and methods for stripping diapers!

I learned quite a bit, and now know what the best method will probably be for my diapers!  I now feel armed and ready to CD!!!

Thanks for this awesome post, you guys should check it out now!!! 🙂

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Amazing Review of One Size All In Ones (AIO): GroVia, BumGenius Elemental, Bottombumpers & Swaddlebees Simplex!!! Courtesy of Anna at Hot Clothed Buns!!!

If you bloggers/blog readers haven’t seen this yet, you should definitely check it out!!!!

This is an excellent, amazingly thorough review!!!  I haven’t even had enough time to read through all of it yet, but I wanted to be sure and post the link, so others can enjoy it!!!  She says she spends about 6-8 hours on a review, and I believe her!!!!  Here’s the link:

Thanks for posting this superb review Anna, and I’ll be sure to take a look at more of your reviews soon!!!