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Swaddlebees Capri Covers

on April 4, 2012

So YESTERDAY’S Kelly’s Closet Egg Hunt clue led us to the Swaddlebees Capri covers, and boy was I excited!!!

I’m not sure when they came out, and I hadn’t noticed them before, but I’ve been looking for some more covers, and I LOVE the Swaddlebees/Blueberry prints!!!!

I don’t own any yet, but am definitely going to buy some.  These are my favorite prints:


Has anyone used these?   Do you know how they hold up?  Do they fit well?  Aplix vs. Snaps?  Please feel free to comment!!!

5 responses to “Swaddlebees Capri Covers

  1. Cloth Diaper Guru says:

    We have the Blueberries pocket style, and love the fit! It seems to work really well on our skinny daughter. I always recommend snaps vs hook and loop because I think the snaps hold up a lot better (in my opinion). We have a few hook and loop and they are constantly getting snagged on things in the wash. The only hook and loop I like is by Grovia. Congrats on the new little one to come!

    • tahira49 says:

      I was originally fairly anti-hook and loop, but I’m starting to like it for covers now…It seems like it’ll be easier to get a good fit, they’re not washed as frequently as a pocket, so if the hook/loop is of a better quality, I’m hoping it’ll be ok. For pockets or AIO I will definitely be sticking to snaps!

      I agree about the Grovia hook/loop, did you see my post “I Heart Grovia Aplix”?

      Thanks for your comments, and keep them coming!!!

      I’m glad to have the ear of someone who has already/is currently using cloth diapers. That’s some experience I have yet to get under my belt 🙂

      • Cloth Diaper Guru says:

        I’m heading over there now to check out your post! For someone who isn’t cloth diapering yet, you have done a ton of research! I like your blog 🙂

      • tahira49 says:

        Thanks so much for recognizing my “ton” of research!!! I’ll be sure to have my husband read your comment, I think sometimes he feels I spend too much time researching things, but I don’t think he realizes just how much CD information is out there, and how many different brands/types/styles are out there to choose from!!! We’re doing this to save money as well as the environment, so I want to be sure we spend money on diapers that should WORK (not leak, or not be too complicated to use/care for). Thank you again for all the support and comments, I’ll try to keep my blog posts coming! 🙂

  2. rebecca orr says:

    For covers I really like applix (hook and loop). I always make sure that there are laundry tabs though before I buy because I hate when my applix diapers snag my other diapers. I need to check these out and see if they have laundry tabs, because I really like the prints.

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