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I Heart Grovia Aplix!

on April 2, 2012

I recently acquired a very gently used Grovia shell in the super cute “Wildflower” print!

I don’t have any experience with with using it on a baby yet, but I must say that I am absolutely in LOVE with the aplix!!!

It’s so ingenious!  And pretty!  Almost half the front is stickable, and the commonly “rough” side of the aplix (generic term for the branded name “velcro”) is actually not even rough at all!!!  I just LOVE IT!!!

What’s even more impressive, is that this lovely aplix has overcome my aversion to aplix altogether!!!  I like the wide aplix that’s on my Grovia Wonder Wraps, and my Bummis Super Lite covers, but the rest of the aplix out there is just scary!!!!  (Yes, I’m talking about YOU – thirsties/bumgenius/blueberry mini cover aplixes/aplixi!!!!)  They look like they won’t hold up to a light spring breeze, let alone a baby and a common wash routine!!!!  This is why 90% of my stash will always be snaps!!!

I must note that, compared to other one size covers/shells, the Grovia shells look like they will run small!!!  So be sure to keep that in mind when buying for your baby!!!

Here’s a picture of a Grovia aplix shell on a newborn (not mine!!! but how cute!!!):

I am finding that I’m a little vain when it comes to the overall “look” of the cloth diaper.  I want the overall appearance to be very clean and not look like a bulky mess!!  The fit on the baby above is a perfect example of this!!!

The fit on the baby below, however, is the reason that I have not purchased any Flip covers (though I’ve heard that most people like them and that they do work well):

But I digress and think that fit should definitely be the the topic of another post!! 🙂

Back to the Grovia shells – While I love, love, love the aplix, I was conversely underwhelmed with my gently used snap version of this cover, in the mod flower print.  Both the print and the snaps were underwhelming.  I’m not sure exactly why, perhaps the aplix is just so great, and looks like it would be an awesome fit, as opposed to the way the snaps look/feel/fit?  Any thoughts?  Whatever the reason, it’s not gellin’ with me and I will be selling it.

So, has anyone else fallen in love with Grovia’s aplix?  What are your experiences with either version of their shells?  Please share!!!

4 responses to “I Heart Grovia Aplix!

  1. Cloth Diaper Guru says:

    You are right, the Grovia covers do run a bit small! I kind of like them because our daughter is small and they aren’t as bulky, but when we do prefolds under them it’s a challenge to keep all that material contained in a Grovia shell. They are really intended for use with the Grovia inserts (or a similar insert). I agree the print plus snaps are a bit much! We have purchased mainly solid colored diapers- they always look great 🙂

    • tahira49 says:

      Thank you, it’s good to know about using the prefolds vs the soakers that Grovia makes. I was actually planning on using prefolds with them more than anything, but now I might try to find some pre loved inserts as well! 🙂 Can I ask how you’ve dealt with the mesh and reusing the covers after a soiled soaker or prefold is removed and replaced? I mean, can you use the same shell twice in a row, or do you have to have at least two to air out in between, or did you really end up washing them after each use due to the amount of soiling/wetness on the mesh? I’ve seen quite a few reviewers say that they had to pretty much wash the shell after each use, and I’d really appreciate another review from you! Thank you! 🙂

      • Cloth Diaper Guru says:

        I’ll try to do a review on the Grovia shells at some point, but we never had much of an issue with reusing the shells throughout the day. If we changed the inserts every couple of hours, the mesh never got very wet. Now if you use a Grovia shell for overnight, you’re going to want to change the cover the next morning (because the mesh will be pretty wet). I think it depends on age of the baby, and if they are a big wetter or not. Our daughter is older, and a heavy wetter, so we have to change the insert more frequently. Hope that helps!

      • tahira49 says:

        That’s super helpful, thank you so much!!!

        A Grovia shell review would be a great addition to your blog!!! I’ll be sure to watch for it! 🙂

        I’ve been wondering if it’s worth it to buy any of the new Grovia prints (I LOVE the bicycles and the peacocks!!!). It sounds like I can use them in the way I intended, so long as I stay on top of changes, which I fully intend on doing. I’ll be more than happy to buy a few more! Thanks!

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