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Smarter than a Snappi?

on February 18, 2012

So, I haven’t quite figured out snappis yet…

I’ve watched many a you tube video, and know how they work in theory, but when I practice on my stuffed stand in, it just doesn’t seem to grip enough.  It certainly isn’t to my liking, or to where I would let a baby be held while wearing it.

I’ve pretty much resigned myself to just trifolding the prefolds into the covers…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!

6 responses to “Smarter than a Snappi?

  1. We’ve been using Snappies for a few years now and I really like them and have never had a problem putting them on HOWEVER… we have also used them to put a diaper on my son’s stuffed bear and that’s a different story. It’s like there isn’t enough tension for the snappi to hold. The stuffed bear is too soft (and perhaps too thin) so the Snappi doesn’t really get stretched at all – which I think is integral to it working properly. So, perhaps your stuffed stand-in is the problem. Maybe try it on a basketball or something firmer? Try wrapping a diaper around your leg and using the snappi (maybe not all three parts of it, but 2) to see how it works under a bit of tension.
    You’re gonna love it, I promise.

    • tahira49 says:

      Thank you so much for your help, I REALLY appreciate it!!!

      I’ll definitely try to get a firmer test subject!!!

      Thanks for reading and please do check back!!! 🙂

  2. Just wondering if you ever got the hang of the snappis.

    • tahira49 says:

      Thanks so much for checking back!!! 🙂 I think I’ve got it down now a little better from practicing on my leg, but I think it’ll take a baby to get the real hang of it!!! We’re still TTC even! I’ve built up a pretty good stash of 8 Itti Bitti Tuttos, 5 Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 size mediums, 5 Osocozy V2 size small/1, and plenty of prefolds in various sizes. I like the Bummis Super Lite wraps, but am looking for one more cover to try, and am considering the Swaddlebees Capri covers. They’re a dual size like the Thirsties, but I love their prints, and they would match the simplex that I already have!!!!

      Have you used prefolds and covers? They certainly seem the most economical and easiest to care for/use/launder. Are there any covers that are your favorites? I’m sure I’ll make a post on covers soon, but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. And thanks so much again for checking back in!!! 🙂

      • We used prefolds on both our sons until they were about 15 lbs. I found the price to be right for all those diaper changes that are needed in the first few months. It seemed our first son pooped 8 – 10 times a day there for a while ;o(

        I sold most of the small prefolds but held on to a few because they always come in handy. We used them while potty training our older son by folding them into 3 and tucking them into his underwear during naps or putting one under his bum in the car seat. And they make great little change pads so I usually have one in my diaper bag just to lie our 2nd son on for diaper changes on the fly.

        I loved the Thirsties covers. They didn’t have the “duo” ones when we started so we had a stash of extra-small, small and medium. We never needed the large. My second son was born in the summer and we used wool covers almost exclusively for him while he was in the prefolds. LOVE wool covers. I made a bunch from old sweaters and knit a few too (few pics on my blog). And they work really well at night. If you’re using them at the newborn stage, you need about 6 because that breastfed poo tends to wander…

      • tahira49 says:

        I really appreciate your reply! I too am going the prefolds and covers route. It truly is the most economical, and easiest for all those diaper changes! I am getting a few all in ones for my husband to use if needed (he’s a little leery of the prefolds still) and ’cause there are so many, I’ve got to try just a few, right? And I’ve heard that once you go wool, you never go back! I think I’m too lazy for caring for wool at this point, but I may change my mind someday. I’m glad you can use it in the summer, we live in Florida, so I was curious about that. Thanks again!

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